Abeceder H2R delivers the complete peace of mind employee management solution by combining:

  • State of the art, fully web enabled technology that helps you to manage every aspect of your relationship with your employees from hiring to retiring, no matter where you are, or what time it is,
  • Work Planning tools that encourages smarter working,

  • Prompts that suggest the next thing you could do that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of all your employees, or a specific indiviual,

  • Straight-forward how to guides from Abeceder covering every aspect of employment for managers, employees as well as HR professionals,

  • Multi format learning from Work Place Learning Centre to ensure that your employees have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver the results your business needs,

  • Employee benefits from Harvest which ensure that you are meeting the lifestyle needs that will motivate your employees,

  • Fully qualified HR and training professionals, and employment lawyers on hand to support and protect you,

  • Lifestyle content from Work Work Work that encourages your employees to visit every day,
  • Complimentary products and services that every employer needs from Work Place Centres.