Employee Friendly

Effective employer - employee relationships are the result of both managers and the people they manage working together. Abeceder H2R encouorages employees to participate in establishing and maintaining that constructive relationship by using

Web Technology

Abeceder H2R uses the look and feel of web technology to facilitate employee self service that enables your employees to

  • Maintain their personal information record
  • View company policies and procedures, including employee how to guides 
  • Keep track of requests they have made without the need for paper copies

Encouraging Regular Visits

Abeceder H2R encourages your employees to visit on a regular basis by using:

  • A clear web site style design, so if your employees can use the internet they can use Abeceder H2R
  • Click efficient processes that take your employees to the action page they need quickly.
  • Lifestyle information from Work Work Work that enhances their work-life balance, and controls their work place web browsing

Employee Self Service

Abeceder H2R uses employee self-service that means that maintaining an accurate data base of information is part of the process not a separate activity.

Using employee self service  means that both your managers and your employees spend less time on administration and more time being productive.

Managers get real time information about what employees are doing and prompts to take appropriate actions.

Employee self-service with Abeceder H2R is really straight-forward to implement.