Why H2R?

Let us demonstrate Abeceder H2R to you and we are sure that you will agree: Abeceder H2R is not just completely different to any other employee management solution, it is also the ideal way to deliver complete peace of mind about how your employees are managed, because Abeceder H2R delivers :

  • More than just software – Abeceder H2R is backed by a team of experienced HR and training professionals, who are there to support you at every stage of the employment life cycle from Hiring to Retiring.
  • Value for Money - Abeceder H2R costs less than you think and the peace of mind it provides delivers a return on investment that's hard to measure.
  • Quick to implement - Abeceder H2R can be set-up and operational much quicker that other employee management solutions.
  • User friendly - Abeceder H2R has been designed to look and feel like a website, so even the least technical person will feel at home using it. So they are likely to use it more!
  • Information – Abeceder H2R provides you with the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Reminders and Prompts – Abeceder H2R reminds you of the key actions you need to take to ensure your employees are managed effectively.
  • Automation – Abeceder H2R saves time and money by automating the employee management processes

We could go on – but it’s probably easier just to show you, book a free demonstration now!