Your H2R

Every organisation is different, in the way that it operates and how the people it employs work.

Abeceder H2R can be configured to meet the needs of any type of organisation, and has the flexibility to adapt as an organisation changes.

Abeceder H2R is available as for employers, membership bodies and professional service providers

Employer Solutions 

Click and Go - an out of the box solution, which is ideal for the smaller employer.

Industry Specific - a mainly predefined solution, which includes industry specific characteristics.

International - a localised solution that meets the needs of international employers

Tailored - an indivual solution tailored to the specific needs of a single organisation.

Support Solutions

Association - a collective solution that enables a membership body to offer Abeceder H2R to their members.

Professional - a solution that enables HR consultants to offer Abeceder H2R to their clients

Service - a solution that enables professional service companies to offer Abeceder H2R as a value added service to their clients.